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About us

About us

Our Company is Family based sense 2011.

Our company started operating with the production of plastic packaging. Thanks to rapid development, we have further expanded our range of activities with the distribution of packaging equipment.

Due to the crisis situation caused by the epidemic that broke out in 2020, we decided to
produce a 3-layer, premium-quality face mask. We have carried out major conversions at our site to ensure the right conditions for production. We have established our quality management system that meets the production requirements. Together with our partner company at our site, we also implemented the creation of our hand and surface disinfectant fluid product family in order to participate in the fight against and prevention of the virus. Our manufacturing goal is in our common interest. To create a product family that is consistently of reliable quality, recommended for everyday use, and can be used in households, public institutions, food and hospitality, during travel and excursions.
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Our goal is reliability, broad customer satisfaction, and mutual
satisfaction, establishing long-term business cooperation.

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